Admission Policy

Girls aged 11-16 are taught at Al Huda Girls’ School. We require students who are dedicated to learning in an Islamic environment and willing to behave according to the school rules.

Year 7 Admission Procedures

We require a previous school report listing the pupils’ Key Stage 2 SATS results. Pupils without reports will be given an admission assessment to test their literacy and numeracy skills.

Year 8-10 Admission Procedures

We prefer not to give admission to year 11 pupils other than in exceptional circumstances. Years 8-10 pupils will be required to produce their previous school report stating their National Curriculum levels in the core subjects. If they do not have a report, they will be given an admission assessment to test their literacy and numeracy.

SEN Pupils

Al Huda Girls School regrets to inform parents that it is unable to cater to pupils with SEN statements. However, if the pupil is identified as having a learning difficulty we follow the national SEN guidelines to meet their needs and liaise with the appropriate authorities.

EAL Provision

The school recognizes that pupils at various stages of learning EAL, still require support. The government guidelines on the development of literacy across the curriculum are used to realise the standard of all pupils in all subjects. Pupils in the early stage of English as an Additional Language (EAL) are identified by subject teachers and Individual Education Plans are devised according to their needs.

Admission Form

The Admission Form can be downloaded by clicking the below link

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