Dear Parents

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhu….

I am delighted that you are considering Al Huda Girls School for your daughter. We are a sincere, hardworking and ambitious community where everyone is encouraged to be truthful to themselves in their Deen and Dunya, to get best results in this world and the next.
There is convincing evidence that our students begin at basic level and progress over their years with us to become a mature and responsible adult of society.
The experiences that every student will have during her time with us will equip her for life in a demanding and fast-changing world, a world that she will play a key role in shaping. We have a dedicated and hard-working staff team ensuring that students gain excellent exam results. We have an ICT lab which has up to twenty computers and two science labs which are used often for experiments in the science lessons.

We now offer a wide range of GCSE subjects (10-12 subjects) which means that students are properly equipped to move onto college and life after secondary school. However, I am convinced that there is much more to school than this. Our students play in learning the language of the Quran and also learning the correct way of pronounciation.

As an Islamic school we support the idea of ‘bringing deen into practice’ and that is what we encourage our students to do daily by giving dedicated time before lunch for Duhar Salah, every Friday during assembly a short time where all our students pray Darud Sharif together. In ramadhan we hold our ‘Grand Annual Iftaar’ ceremony to enlighten our students about the rewards of Fasting in the blessed month of Ramadhan.

Whether your daughter wants to develop her interest in P.E, Art, Science, ICT or Islam, she will find a good range of opportunities available at Al Huda. I am proud of our students, who will InshAllah become valuable members of our society. A prospectus can only give a glimpse of the life at Al Huda Girls School so I warmly invite you to one of our Opening Evenings.
We have an exciting future ahead of us; I do hope your daughter can be part of it.

Asif Jawaid, BSc Engineering, University College London

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